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  • alt How do you know if your Computer is infected with a virusWith the passing of time more and more personal information is now digitally available online or/and also available either on your computer or on your email, which makes it absolutely essential for you to protect that information just like you would any other valuable.

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  • alt Make your Notebook last longerProper care of your notebook computer is essential. It can extend the life of your computer drastically and keep it running in tip-top shape for years. Many of the problems seen are direct results of improper care of notebooks .This article deals with those issues and is applies to both old and new notebooks as well.

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  • alt What are virus, spywares and Malwares?Viruses, Spywares and other Malwares (short for malicious software) are softwares or script and codes designed to disrupt computers, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems without the consent of computer users. Spyware, Virus, Trojan horses are some of the common malwares.

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